Our Products Are Our Capital

Following many checks and inspections among our managers and experts, Kia Generator Co. decided to produce these supplies in its own factory in accordance with international standards and based on orders of our customers by exercising qualified staff who have received training courses in the original manufacturing plants. Such tasks have been done with regard to the fact that the use of a high-quality product with affordable price stands first today and most of contractors want a safe product having the least
possible risk; and in the most cases they choose non-domestic products at great expenses for using emergency boards, paralleling and synchronizing units, canopy, containers and making the sets mobile. The orders of our customers are produced by any required material and -if necessary- by receiving certificates issued by technical inspection institutes and Standard Organization of Iran to provide the customer with a competitive price, and to prevent the dissipation of national assets and wealth.

A selection of products to offer is as follows

The assembly of various generator sets with powers from 10 to 700 KVA.
Producing various emergency boards in different powers (ATS).
Producing various paralleling and synchronizing boards.
Producing various canopies, silent containers and super silent containers in varied security classes.
Producing various two-wheel and four-wheel rimok for making the supplies and sets portable.