After Sales Services

“Sale is not the end of business, but the beginning of a commitment”. This is always the motto of our complex for the professional department  of after sales services to accompany you from the moment of installation to starting the sets and to overhaul maintenance and repairs. Using original parts for every product makes them more durable and extends its life. This fact is one of the basic necessities for Kia Pouya Part Co.
Obviously, a successful organization is the one that does not sees the after sales services as its expense but to make use of it for making its customers more satisfied.
A probable malfunction will be amended by at most 48 hours. According to the provisions of Guarantee Book that is given to buyer upon installation, this company is committed to give the guarantee duration, which is 1 year or 1200 hours. And in accordance with regulations and specifications of the main manufacturer company we do periodic maintenance checks and inspections and the substitution of any faulty part is done if necessary. Moreover, all products of this company will be benefited from 10 years of after sales services and can be done by Kia Pouya Part Co. in case of customers’ tendency.