KIA Generator

One of the necessary facts for the growth and development of any country is the energy, and especially electrical energy. Therefore the consumption of electrical energy is being increased as a result of this development. In case of non sufficient supply of this vital energy different sections particularly industrial one would be affected.Shortage of electricity not only stops the producing cycle but also has some disadvantages that is being pointed below:

When this problem takes place, it would disturb the balance at the working environment , and in case of high or low temperature it would annoy the staff and workers.
For companies and organizations that are dealing with public users, the cutting of electricity makes dissatisfaction and distrust among them, and this fact is called wasting the capital of society.
Today management of time, increase of efficiency, and economical interests are important factors in industry .Electricity shortage would result in loss of time and decrease in efficiency and supply;that would seem to be unpleasant issue for any manager
In addition to above reasons the increase in electricity expenses at the time when the consumption reaches its peak would make more pressure on companies.

Along with these facts, with the establishment of this company, the management with more than 35 years of experience in the import of generators such as diesel generators and gas burner generators and the related equipment would have been honored to use the essence of the past experiences to recognize the best and the most valid companies producing different kinds of machines and the equipment related to electrical generators; Also would have been honored to take action to obtain representation from different companies around the world.


As a known name in the Iranian power industry, and enjoying a life-long experience credit, and being aided by the first ever activists in the field of importing various types of diesel and gas generator sets, Kia Generator Pouya Co. takes the steps in the road of elevation of the industry more effective. During these years we have tried to be able to provide our consumers with high-quality products in accordance with international standards and affordable prices. In the 21 century, a successful complex is the one that gives guarantee and after sale services to its customers in the least possible time and with good conditions next to its main goal. This fact has came true by the presence of Kia Pouya Parts as the sole responsible for Kia Generator Co.’s after sales services.


Enjoying expert and active individuals, this complex has been able to make its close relationship with the most well known and the most certified manufacturers of generator sets and with the best assembling plants more strong, so that it has paved the fastest way for achieving the goals every consumer expect today, and has given the customers the varied

Sales & Commercial Department

In today’s world of trade and business, responding the customers’ needs is by no means an easy task and respecting the customers has been always the goal of many organizations. By understanding these facts and in an engineering-based way, the commercial department of our company will accompany to to the last step for giving technical consultations for choosing the best option. This complex believes in sale process in the partnership consulting way, and recognizes its customers as business partners -not as mere buyers only. Hence, our sales department includes truthful, honest, trusty, and skilled staff to be able to consider the best way of communication with customers and to eagerly make an effort for giving a suitable solution and the best offer, regardless of selling a product.